The Sting From 8 Straps – It Finally Ends

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We recently completed this requested video where the beautiful Samantha Storm was to be strapped hard by eight different straps. And now it is available to you! The scene starts off with Samantha topless, wearing a cute hat, and bent over the bed in a pair of panties for hard licks with the belt. Samantha’s panties are pulled up snug in between her cheeks as the belt licks continue, and finally her panties are pulled down as she is strapped bare for the rest of her session!

A very stingy split tailed strap is the second strap that is used to tan Samantha’s bottom, followed by a thick and thuddy billet strap. The fourth strap applied proves very painful, though when a long and thick strap (the fifth one) is used Samantha struggles from the penetrating heat as her bottom is so very sore from her naked leathering. The sixth strap is a Canadian Prison strap followed by a tawse that begins to blister Samantha’s tender cheeks.

The final (and eighth) strap is a razor strap, a girl’s worst nightmare that can remind a girl of what visit to the woodshed were truly like! As a bonus, there is a paddling with a very heavy wooden paddle send to Universal Spankings as a gift! All in all, this video features very hard strappings, very little talking, and a spanking that you simply must see.

Full Length Quality Version Here

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