Spank Me Like My Stepmom Used To – Part 1

Claire kneels before Lady Alice, confessing that she has been feeling out of sorts and needs to be put in her place. Remembering back to punishments from her step-mom that set her straight, she describes the stern maternal discipline she craves since she left home. Pulled across Alice’s lap for the loving discipline she needs so badly. Spanking on the seat of her skirt, pulled up to reveal full bottom white panties.

Lady Alice continues to calmly reassuring as she smacks Claire’s ample bottom, slowly sliding her panties down. Picking up the hairbrush, Claire is ordered to thank her for the spanking, taking hard swats on her bare bottom. Teaching her proper respect with the hairbrush, before she is instructed to stand up, bent over with her hands on the chair. Lady Alice takes her place behind, welding a fearsome strap. After punishing strokes of the strap, Claire is held and caressed gently, but her punishment is not finished.

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Marcus was furious and solves the problem in the good old-fashioned time honoured way with a spanking.

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