Step Sister’s Revenge

Audrey had been spanked for something that Amy did and showed her the marks on her bottom. Amy had lied telling their parents that she wasn’t the guilty one and placed the blame on her unsuspecting older step-sister! Naturally, Audrey wants revenge and plans to punish naughty Amy exactly how she was spanked; By using her hand and a stinging hairbrush. She takes her bratty little sis over her lap and gives her a hard hand spanking over her panties before gleefully pulling them down and continuing to smack her hard on the bare bottom.

Amy squirms and isn’t so full of herself anymore when she feels the heat of her burning buttocks. Audrey applies the hairbrush whilst scolding and chastising lying Amy which further intensifies the uncomfortable position of being punished by her older sibling. By the end, Amy is one very sorry madam who will not be blaming others again for her mistakes!

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