Violet’s Ultimate Humiliation
Violet is in real trouble at home and in her town and has been given a punishment by the judge to be carried out at home and it is both humiliating and soon to be very painful. Ordered to wear certain little girl clothes, she has to be respectful to Mommy Sarah. First she is given an over the knee spanking, on her knickers and then with her knickers held down around her knees. After the spanking she gets a good hard beating with the hairbrush.

Later she says she is not feeling well her temperature is taken in her tight bottom hole, she hates this but must endure the thermometer being inserted. This shows that she is lying about not being well and so she must get the spanking chair and take another spanking and the hairbrush on her still red bottom. Violet has been out and has been cheeky in the shops, well there is a price to pay for having a potty mouth and that is to have it washed out with soap and water. A good mouth soaping will sort her out before she goes over the knee in the kitchen for a hard hairbrush spanking.

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