Willow’s Basement Punishment

Evil Nurse Bernadette is back but this time with a new playmate for Dolly. She had previously been captured and chained up deep down in the cold basement. Willow is the latest victim captured by Bernadette for her to have some double fun with Dolly. The evil woman plans for all three of them to have an afternoon of fun! However, what may be fun for the nurse certainly won’t be for the girls as this will include all sorts of painful and humiliating punishments to introduce Willow to how life for her will be from now on.

She slaps Willow’s face, tits, and pussy until they are burning red and sore. She has Dolly rub Willow’s privates to soothe the pain, but the captive finds this gross as she hates being told what to do. Dolly must watch and comfort poor Willow as Bernadette takes her through various painful initiations with the use of leather straps and canes. Poor weeping Willow is utterly humiliated in every way possible.

She fights back and complains but that only makes Nurse angry and makes the punishments hurt more. The evil woman continues to play ‘Good Nurse/Bad Nurse’ alternating between giving hugs and comforting words to being mean and hurtful. If Willow is a good girl then she gets nice treats and if she is bad and doesn’t do as she is told, she gets the painful treatment. She better get used to things as this is her new life.

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