She began spanking his bare bottom and found the sensation of her hand slapping against his bare unprotected buttocks pleasurable


Gwen and Michael had been married for many years. They had their share of arguments and disagreements, but always found a way to make up. Though they had a good marriage, something was lacking. That was until one day when Michael came home from work and Gwen had a surprise for him. She told him she wanted to experiment with something a little different. She wanted to try spanking him in the bedroom.

At first, Michael was taken aback. He had never considered this kind of activity before. He was a bit embarrassed, but he also found himself intrigued by the idea. He agreed to give it a try. Looking stern, Gwen took off her husband’s trousers and underwear and laid him across her lap, then she began spanking him. The sensation was intense and unexpected and she found the sensation of her hand slapping against his bared buttocks pleasurable.

As the spanking continued, they talked and shared their feelings more openly than they ever had before. Eventually, Michael felt a strong connection to his wife that he had never felt before. Gwen was happy to have found a way to spice up their marriage and to rekindle their connection. Michael was relieved to have found an outlet for his emotions and a way to be closer to his strict and demanding wife.

Maths teacher needs punishing for spanking his female pupils on their bare bottoms