Air Hostess Gets A Hard Spanking


Renya had been an air hostess with the same airline for two years now. She was always conscientious, efficient, and professional when it came to her job, so she was surprised when her boss called her into his office. Nervously she entered and stood in front of his desk. Her boss, a stern-looking man in his late fifties, looked her up and down and then spoke. ‘I’m sorry to say that I’ve had several complaints about your performance recently. It seems you’ve been taking your job a bit too lightly, and frankly, it’s unacceptable. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take disciplinary action.’ Renya felt her face flush with embarrassment as her boss continued. I’m going to have to spank you. Take off your uniform and bend over my knee.’

The poor girl was speechless. She had never been spanked before, let alone by her boss. But she knew she had no choice, so she slowly unbuttoned her uniform and removed it, standing before him in her underwear. She then bent over her boss’s knee, her bare bottom exposed to him. He then began to spank her, hard and fast. The pain was intense, and she found herself stifling sobs as she was spanked.

When he was done, she lay across his knee, her bottom still stinging. Her boss then told her that from now on, she was to take her job seriously and be more careful. Quickly got dressed, thanked her boss, and left the office, feeling embarrassed but also strangely relieved. She had learned her lesson, and she knew she would never make the same mistake again.

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Paula Meadows Spanked

Paula Meadows gets her bare bottom paddled, strapped and whipped with a riding crop.