Grown Up Spankings – Part 1 – Hand Spanking

In ‘All Grown Up’ Mallory (Maneater) made the mistake of thinking that she could set up an adult cam show in the family living room. Her Dad was furious and decided to spank her little bottom with several implements until it was a bright red! Here in ‘Grown Up Spankings part 1: Paying the Rent’ we discover that Mallory’s Dad has given in and allowed her the chance to pursue her dream of being a cam model and porn star.

However, Mallory would have to showcase some big girl responsibilities by helping out with the rent. Sure enough, her Dad discovers that she’s been lounging around on the couch, smoking, watching porn and talking on the phone. Once again, naughty Mallory has upset her Dad. She claims that the tips were a lot higher when she had a red bottom for days after her previous punishment. Seeing no choice, her Dad decides not only to punish her on camera, but to tan her buns so the customers will pony up the tips.

Mallory lays over her Dad’s knee to start the cam show. All of the customers seem to enjoy seeing Mallory get her butt lit up by her Dad in a real punishment session. Her cheeks begin to glow quickly as the smacks land hard, and it might be safe to say that Mallory is somewhat enjoying the punishment. The heat gets turned up when Mallory strips full naked to get her tush belted by her Dad, the customers really love seeing the belt come off and being applied to the disobedient daughter.

Mallory’s bare cheeks color ever so nicely during the discipline session, and you’ll see what happened in part two when they’re both asked to continue the spanking cam show in private!!!

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