Paddled On Her Birthday
She adores having her juicy bottom marked, although the application often tests her resolve. She is allowed to pick the instruments to commemorate her special day, masochistically picking several large painful paddles. She will hate every swat, and relish the lingering burn and marks left for days. The Lexan paddle splats down without mercy. She cries out as bruises and blisters form. Each swat is applied for maximum impact and marks.

A heavy prison Strap is a reprieve from the awful panel, swung heavy for maximum effect. She counts aloud as 31 licks of heavy leather blister her backside. Finally a 24 inch thick wood School paddle is positioned across her cheeks. Crisp, firm swats land with a resounding thud as bruises bloom across her pretty bottom. After the final swat she is gathered up in his arms for a reassuring hug. She will relish the throbbing reminder as she sits down for birthday celebration.

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