KaraJayne Dempsey gets spanked

Originally Posted 14th October 2013

Oh The joy of taking a woman across your knees. Slipping down her panties and baring her as yet unblemished bottom for a good OTK spanking is a good way of letting off steam when the day has been a really bad one and today has been just that. The weather has been absolutely awful and no prizes for guessing who got caught in a downpour and ended up like the proverbial drowned rat. Yes it was me of course, soaked through to the skin while walking back from the bank.

I had thought about going by car but then you can’t park unless you’re prepared to pay Brent’s outrageously high parking fee for the few minutes you nip into the bank. So I decided on Shank’s Pony and ended up suffering the consequences. So what does this have to do with spanking some poor girl on her bare bottom? It’s not her fault that I got caught in the rain and thoroughly drenched. That is of course quite true but it would be fun and while merrily spanking away, making a feminine pair of buttocks nice and pink and sore the last thing on my mind would be the weather.