Just Janie


When I was working with Josie at Kane and doing photography for the magazine and the videos I was frequently asked what the models were like and how we chose them. Where do I begin? There is a story behind every girl and the one that springs to mind is Janie Watts who was known in the world of spanking as Brigella.

It was on a Saturday morning. David Angus who filmed the videos had just collected me from my home and we were driving to Orbit studios for the latest video shoot. I was always looking for fresh faces and of course bottoms for the videos and asked David if he knew of any. David said that he knew of one called Janie Watts. Thinking this could be good news I asked what she was like. He replied that she was as far as he knew in her late thirties, continuing with: she’s not pretty pretty but she’s ok and she can really take it.

This seemed promising and I was about to ask more but before I could David cut in… The only thing is… he said tentatively, she’s rather dirty. Dirty! in what way, dirty as in grubby crusty knickers or dirty as in sexually dirty, I asked? Without taking his eyes off the road he replied, dirty as in grubby crusty knickers, and before you ask, I don’t have her number. Well that was the end of that conversation and to be honest I couldn’t fathom out why he brought up her name if he didn’t. The rest of our journey to London’s notorious East End was spent in silence.

I eventually met her at a Night of The Cane event in a shady part of South London along with Rosaleen Young who was exceptionally nice. That evening I spanked and caned Janie’s bare bottom as much as I could and had a whale of a time. Later she did make a few videos for Josie and I and she was a very good at what she did, having her bum bared and walloped.

This these are free spanking pictures from Cliff James Photography, featuring spanking scenes performed by Janie aka Brigella,

Janie in the Top Marks Video – Maid Full of Tears

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The Truancy Officer


This these are free spanking pictures from Cliff James Photography, featuring a spanking scene performed by Janie Brigella, Jana and Master Kain.

Janie and Jana had been best friends since they were kids, and that had made them a bit too bold for their own good. Both of them loved to push boundaries and see how far they could go before getting caught.

Today was no different, as the two of them had decided to bunk off school and stay in Janie’s house to drink alcohol. They had no idea that the school truancy officer, Master Kain, was about to catch them in the act.

Master Kain had seen them both coming into the house, and he was not happy. He marched inside and confronted Janie and Jana about their reckless behavior.

The girls tried to deny what they had done, but Master Kain was not going to let them off easy. He told them that they needed to learn a lesson, and for that he would make them bare their bottoms and give them a good spanking.

Janie and Jana were horrified, but they knew there was no way out of it. They reluctantly bent over and waited for the punishment to begin. Master Kain was merciless. He spanked and caned the girls until their bottoms were bright red and their tears had stopped flowing.

When he was done, he told them that if they ever dared to do something like this again, he would not be so lenient. Janie and Jana vowed never to do anything so foolish ever again.



Brigella called a repairman to fix her washing machine knowing that she couldn’t afford to pay him, so he took his payment out of her bare backside using a wet tea towel and wicked spatula.

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