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Dodgy Dealing

The Red Bottom Inn (Part 3)

Dodgy Dealing

Featuring Miss Morgan, Brigella and Jana

Linda couldn’t believe what she was seeing but her eyes weren’t deceiving her. The wretched barmaid was buying drugs from some tarty whore and on her premises. Now she knew why the little madam had her fingers in the till and foolishly she felt sorry for her after listening to her sob story. To think the Landlord Mr. Briggs had bared her bottom and spanked her, caned her and thrashed her with a carpet beater over the takings being short. She had suffered the humiliation of being corporally punished and now she was going to teach the drug dealing slut a lesson she would not forget for a very long time.

Before Brigella realised what was happening she found herself draped over Linda’s knees. To her horror her skirts were raised and moments later she was feeling a heavy hand slapping her buttocks hard. Linda, intended to make the whore suffer as much as she did. Forcing the girl to her feet she thrashed her with the same carpet beater and cane that had been used on her, leaving deep red raised welts on Brigella’s arse.


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Three Hot Bottoms

The Red Bottom Inn (Part 4)

Three Hot Bottoms

Featuring Miss Morgan, Brigella, Jana and Master Kain

Landlord Mr Briggs played by the inimitable Master Kain once again takes Linda over his knees and administers a hard spanking and paddling. He then makes her stand and push her big bare bottom out for a severe caning. All of this to show the thieving Jana and drug dealing Brigella what they are about to receive.

Both girls received a harsh spanking, paddling and a severe caning along with a whipping with Mr Briggs’  thick leather belt bent over side by side and in some very unusual positions.

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It May be Winter Outside

Originally Posted: 19th January 2013
It May Be Winter Outside

Winter is back with a vengeance. It’s cold and snow lays on the ground and I wish it was summer. Although I have done some shoots outside I didn’t do one in the snow which I think would have been rather novel. I wonder what it feels like to have your bare bottom spanked when it is exposed to the cold element.

I really do prefer long hot summers days and lazing in the garden getting a tan with a bottle of Moet by my side and that reminds me of the shoots that I did do on a hot summer’s day. One shoot in particular springs to mind one with two gorgeous girls Sally Cavendar and Steff who were spanked in the garden of the Kane video cameraman’s house by the infamous Steve Bickers. The day was absolutely blistering hence the video we were shooting was titled ”Red Hot Punishment On A Red Hot Afternoon”.

I hope the sight of Sally and Steff warm the cockles of your heart on this cold and frosty winter’s day. Also two more galleries added Spanked By Her Strict Aunt where Jane gets a spanking from her strict aunt Morgan for drinking her Baileys and getting legless and Spanked By Her Big Brother where Jane gets a spanking from her big brother for borrowing his CDs without asking first