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Kane Another Sad Goodbye

Originally Posted 24th October 2013


Over the past few weeks I’ve been unable to get the Kane website to load so I can only assume that it is now no more which is a shame as it is an icon and part of the heritage of British spanking. During my spell as editor of Kane after the sad death of it’s founder George Harrison-Marks I made many friends and had much fun as you can imagine though putting the magazine together was quite tiresome at times. I hope I’m mistaken and that the Kane website returns as the spanking part of web seems a lonelier place without it though I’m sure many of it’s archive spanking pictures will appear on many blogs and forums.

There is so much I could say about Kane; my favourite issues, photos, videos and of course the shoots. Filming and partying with like minded people but to tell all in one go would take far too much time and space. Apart from the gorgeous girls that I worked with like most guys I have favourite models who tend to model mainstream rather than spanking. You can imagine my surprise when I saw the outstanding Vida Garman not only in Kane Magazine but also in a Kane video being spanked and dishing out a spanking as Mistress Kane. Heaven! The image of Vida Garman is courtesy of Ms Harrison Marks

Addendum: Kane have now added a new website to their original domain name

Vida Garman now has a twitter account that you can view by clicking here and an only fans page here where you can see new and previously unseen material of this beautiful woman .

Updated 9th June 2022:

Vida’s Only Fans and Twitter account have not been updated since April 2019.

I hope all is well with Vida and she hasn’t become a victim of Coronavirus.


Birthday Girls

Originally Posted: 15th November 2012

Today is the birthday of my good friend Ms Harrison Marks of Kane Magazine, so here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday. It’s expected to be said a spanking good one Princess.  Bet you have a hangover tomorrow. Luv ya x

Not only is today Josie Harrison Marks’  birthday it’s also Sue Ellis’ who appeared being spanked and caned on her bare bottom in Kane Magazine and Many Kane Videos. The only difference is Sue is fifteen years Josie’s senior. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday Susan wherever you are.

Mistress Lauren Taylor

Originally Posted: 10th November 2012

As readers of Kane will know the magazine mainly features women being spanked by men though there have been occasions when a masculine bare bottom has been reddened with a firm female hand or cane. Lauren Taylor first featured in the Kane video ‘Lottery Loser” where she had her bare buttocks soundly walloped though at the end of the video the tables were turned and she showed her true colours by really laying into poor Gavin’s bare arse.Mistress Lauren Taylor and her slave

When Lauren did an interview for Kane she explained how she had worked as a professional Mistress and how much she had enjoyed her work  so we thought it would be a good idea to do a shoot with her showing her as she really is. I think you’ll agree by the state of the poor man’s bottom that she really did enjoy her work.


These images originally appeared on the website