Domina Liza is the epitome of a true English Dominatrix – classically dressed, refined, statuesque with a strict clipped English voice. This Lady will confidently take command and comfortably watch you suffer. While also being adept at other more subtle, intuitive and creative ways of control. Always turned out impeccably in beautiful fetish attire or classic vintage or role-play outfits; your senses will be assaulted on every level – seeing her, hearing her and feeling her (impressive collection of ) implements of torment – you will soon be lost in Her unique classic world.

These are free images from The English Mansion, featuring a caning scene performed by Domina Liza


Miss Liza was the headmistress at an exclusive private school of boys, and she was known for her strict and traditional approach to discipline. She was a tall and imposing woman, with a no-nonsense attitude and a sharp eye for any misbehaviour.

Today, she was dealing with a particularly difficult pupil, a grown-up schoolboy who had been caught breaking the school’s rules. She had already given him several warnings, but he had not taken them seriously and now it was time for her to take action.

Miss Liza instructed the schoolboy to come to her office, where she took out a cane and a belt. She explained to him that he was going to receive a punishment for his misbehaviour, and that it would involve a bare bottom spanking, over the knee spanking and a belting on his hands. The schoolboy was horrified, but he knew he deserved it and he stood still, awaiting his punishment.

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Miss Liza began by delivering several hard strokes of the cane on the schoolboy’s bare bottom, each one causing him to wince in pain. After she had finished, she then moved onto the over the knee spanking, delivering several more hard spanks that left the schoolboy’s bottom a bright red. Finally, she took out the belt and gave the schoolboy several hard strokes on his hands, causing him to yelp in pain.

The punishment was over, and Miss Liza gave the schoolboy a stern warning not to misbehave again. The schoolboy nodded, his bottom still burning from the spanking and his hands stinging from the belting. He knew he had been wrong and he was determined not to repeat his mistake.

The schoolboy thanked Miss Liza for the punishment and apologised for his misbehaviour. He vowed to himself that he would never again break the school’s rules, and he kept his word. Miss Liza was pleased that the schoolboy had learnt his lesson and she rewarded him with a hug and a pat on the back.

From that day on, the schoolboy was a model pupil and he grew into a responsible and successful young man, all thanks to the firm yet fair discipline of Miss Liza.

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