Brat Next Door 2

Lola Marie has been caught masturbating in her neighbor’s yard, receiving a spanking and an outdoor leather belting punishment. She is taken inside his house for further discipline as she has clearly not learned her lesson. With the permission of Lola’s father, John shows the progress of her next spanking punishment by sending him a few images on his phone during the embarrassing discipline that is carried out. She is sprawled on his dining room table, knickers down, still in her school uniform as she receives a further hand spanking before he uses the 2 implements laid before her… a heavy Reformatory leather strap and a wooden hairbrush. Lola knows this is going to really hurt and John doesn’t hold back as her upturned, round bottom is thoroughly whacked with leather and wood until it is a shameful, dark throbbing color. She is left to contemplate this latest episode of discipline before being allowed to go home and she will dare not trespass and behave in such an inappropriate manner again!