Principal teaches Opal a hard lesson

coloring her hair blue, dressed as one of her favorite Anime characters. That was Friday and today is early Monday morning after that debacle and she is already being sent to the Principal’s Office soon after the first Class Bell. Her teacher immediately sent Opal to the Principal’s office because her hair is still blue and her uniform is an absolute disgrace. The school shirt is crumpled and creased, she is wearing makeup, silly high heel shoes, and sporting freshly manicured long fingernails! Principal Gregory notes everything she sees before her and is utterly dismayed, having no option but to spank this deliberately obtuse young madam with the promise of a good hard caning afterward. That grabs Opal’s attention, she hasn’t been caned before and she is clearly nervous. Opal is spanked over Miss Gregory’s lap, without the dignity of wearing her regulation knickers and her bottom soon turns an angry speckled red. The caning is mean and to the point, ensuring that Opal is taught a valuable lesson. School Rules will not be broken, discipline will be maintained and Opal will learn this the hard way!