The Punishment of Paula Meadows Paula Meadows gets her bare bottom whipped with a riding crop video1970s Spanking Discipline

This is a tale from the miracle modern age of the 1970s… Man has landed on the Moon, C90 cassette tapes make portable audio recording for the masses possible, Women’s Lib and Flares are in fashion! What hasn’t changed in this new decade though is the use of good old fashioned discipline! Spankings of miscreant young ladies are still carried out just as they were decades before! Stephen Lewis is the medical director of a care home facility and one of his student interns, learning how to care and nurse for the elderly, has been causing a stir with the frail folk. They might just suffer a seizure or cardiac arrest from the skimpy, short lewd skirt, revealing her pantyhose and panties that she is wearing as she bends over attending to patients!

Her behavior is reprimanded and Doctor Lewis sees no alternative but to teach Nurse Rosie Ann the trusted lesson of an old fashioned, over the knee hand spanking. First, he spanks her over her slutty pantyhose and knickers but soon turns his attention to her bare reddening bottom. Rosie doesn’t seem to be learning her lesson at all, despite her sore bottom… and forgets that there are several leather implements of correction on the table. He chooses a nasty double-tailed leather strap, placing her (bottom stuck out) over the table. Rosie cries out in pain and winces as the leather strapping she receives finally gets through to her. She will not be teasing or causing unnecessary medical issues with the obscene view of her very short, provocative, and highly inappropriate uniform in the future. This may be the exciting new decade of the 1970s, but professional standards must be maintained!

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