Violet’s Humiliating Office Punishment

Currently in 2020, a punishment film like this would be unheard of in an office environment… imagine getting spanked for faking an illness with a pathetic cough. At the time of this film release, any employee caught doing this would no doubt be fired on the spot for coughing or causing other colleagues distress by not wearing a mask. So let’s remember a time when office managers like Madame Samantha B knew how to deal with those employees that continually faked an illness for selfish reasons. This is the tale of an office junior, Violet October, who was always faking ailments to get time off and her latest ruse was an annoying cough. Her boss heard about this and she was summoned, in person, to hear the pathetic cough for herself. Violet tried to fake it some more but it was all too obvious.

Samantha’s unique ways of dealing with her girls was to humiliate or embarrass them so they wouldn’t try the same trick again. In this case, that meant a spanking for Violet, over her the lap of her boss right there in the office! The hand spanking was long and hard and Violet’s pale bottom soon turned a shameful hue of crimson but this was also a horrible bare bottom spanking with a mean leather paddle which Violet was sure other members of staff could hear. The embarrassment of this was far from over as she had her temperature checked… the old fashioned way!

Her bottom was wiped, as her boss remarked on the glowing redness of her spanked cheeks, then a glob of greasy Vaseline was applied to a rectal thermometer. Violet had to remain kneeling on a stool, her bottom on full display, clenching the thermometer stuck up her bottom so it would not fall out! Madame Samantha B left to fetch some paperwork from another part of the building promising to check on Violet soon, but the office door was to remain open for anyone passing by who would be able to see the poor wretch. This was one lesson Violet learned a few years ago and she never faked an illness ever again at this company!