Originally Posted: 3rd December 2012

Oh my it’s December and that special day is not far away. I have been busy with the preparations for the festivity such as erecting the Christmas tree and putting up various Christmas lights and finishing of my Christmas shopping which seems never ending. My BFF has her birthday in December which adds to the expense, but hey, who cares everyone is happy and getting in to the mood of the season. While taking out my Christmas decorations I came upon two soft toys which were used in a shoot with the gorgeous Lucy Bailey so I thought it apt to add a bit of seasonal spice to my blog. Enjoy.

The Story Behind The Shoot

Josie and I wanted to create a Kane Christmas card that we could send to all our friends in the spanking scene and the subscribers to Kane Magazine. At the time Lucy Bailey was still submissive and I still had her contact details from when I met her at the birthday party the Fetish Times had arranged for Mistress Angelica.

Naturally I had an ulterior motive for asking Lucy if she would do the shoot for us. I had seen her in Janus many times and I wanted to spank her cute bare bottom myself.

I still have the cuddly Father Christmas and Snowman and each Christmas they come out.  This brings back happy memories of having Lucy draped across my knees for a good bare bottom otk spanking.

These images originally appeared on the kane-online.com website

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