A reader’s photo from Mr. Jardine in Janus 37

Originally Posted 6th March 2014

Yesterday I sold an original copy of Janus on my website Vintage Magazines and before I sent it to the buyer I couldn’t resist taking a nostalgic look through it especially the readers’ letters pages. I must admit that this wasn’t one of my favourite issues as I the photo-story didn’t appeal to me at all. Don’t ask why. I didn’t buy a copy when it was originally published due to my then fiances.  My first copy of this issue came from a market stall in Harlow market many years back from a man who dealt in second hand books and magazines. Occasionally he had a few spanking and porn ones.

When I was younger I used to swap my Commando magazines there for Parade which then was really soft porn. In those days that was enough for me especially as I’ve always been a bottom man and those weren’t censored. When I got home and looked through this magazine I was well cheesed of as the centre colour pages had been removed. Bastard! I felt cheated!

Looking through the copy second copy that I had acquired that was complete and which I had just sold I came upon a photo in the readers’ letters section.  Wow!  This picture I remember and I remember it very well. It was credited to Janus reader Mr. Jardine and it certainly rocked my boat. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this is my number one readers’ photo of all time. sadly there was no accompanying letter published with it so I can only imagine and fantasise about what was going on. Such a shame. If anyone knows the story behind the picture I would really love to know.