Originally Posted 28th October 2013


We might not have had ten days of rain but the way the weather is it certainly feels like it. Thankfully we haven’t had any damage to our property and our car hasn’t been flattened by a falling tree though there has been quite a bit of damage in our locality. Bloody weather! We used to blame the bad weather on the Russians but these days it seems global warming is the cause though if you live in London like me I haven’t seen any global warming happening it’s still cold and miserable and at the minute it’s very wet and very windy so no change here.

Talking to a new found friend on twitter about a certain acquaintance has brought back memories of the many shoots I have done with him and how many bare female bottoms have been spanked and striped with a swishy cane. Another reason to look forward to my say out on Thursday! Pictured right Rachel Lloyd and Sam Johnson get a dose of stingy rattan on their bare bottom in a scene from The Spanked Wives’ Club Top Marks DVD

Lorraine Ansel and Sandra are caught kissing and groping each other. Both are told to strip naked and are given a hard OTK spanking followed by a harsh whipping.